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“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.” 
― Brenda Ueland

What is Augmentative Alternative Communication?

Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) encompasses all forms of communication other than oral speech that an individual uses to express wants, needs, and ideas. People with significant speech and language impairments may rely on AAC to supplement speech that is highly unintelligible or nonexistent.

By using AAC the child’s self-esteem often improves, as well as participation in social, educational, or vocational interactions. Forms of AAC include unaided communication such as gestures or sign language, while aided communication systems may include communication boards/books or speech generating devices.

How Our Therapists Implement Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)

 Our therapists will initially evaluate your child’s speech and language. After obtaining your child’s current level of function, a variety of AAC options may be trialed.  We will work closely with caregivers to make the most appropriate recommendation for the child and to provide education around choosing, programming, and implementation of the AAC system.  In addition, we will help to guide you through the funding process, including gathering and submission of all necessary insurance information and documentation.

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