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Our Mission

At South Shore Therapies, we share the mission of providing the highest quality services for children with special needs. We strive to maximize each individual’s potential through implementing a successful combination of intervention strategies in a safe and nurturing environment to encourage positive change. By working together and supporting clients and their families with empathy and respect we can make a fundamental difference in improving the quality of life for that individual and family. 


“Do more than exist…LIVE

Do more than touch…FEEL

Do more than listen…UNDERSTAND”

-John H. Rhoades

South Shore Therapies Communication and Technology

South Shore Therapies is pleased to offer communication and technology services to provide evaluations and treatment for children requiring an alternative or augmentative means of communication (AAC) through use of a variety of different communication devices. AAC is a term that is used to describe various methods of communication that can help people who are unable to use verbal speech to communicate. AAC methods may include low-tech options (ie:, picture exchange, communication books) or high technology devices that produce speech (ie: Speech Generating Devices). These devices can be customized to meet one's communication needs at home, at school and within the community.

Our goal is to provide communication skills that extend beyond simply conveying of basic wants and needs, and provides the means to allow each individual to be heard.

If you have further questions or would like to speak to one of our therapists please call our office and set up your free AAC intake at (781)335-6663. 


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