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Sensory, Occupational, and Speech Services in Massachusetts

At South Shore Therapies, the comprehensive wellness of our patients is our priority. Our team of dedicated doctors and therapists works with our patients to develop an individual treatment plan that will best address their needs. We strive to provide the best resources and tools available to ensure progress and recovery for each of our patients.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is designed to give patients the "skills for living." If your child has motor, coordination, or behavioral issues related to ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, or more, occupational therapy may be beneficial. At our therapy center, we'll assess your child and develop an occupational therapy treatment plan that addresses fine motor development, sensory integration, sound therapies, coordination, balance, and more.

Speech Therapy

If your child has a form of autism, apraxia, a voice disorder, or another language-impairing issue, our speech therapy program may be beneficial. Our professional pathologists will work with your child in a relaxed, nurturing environment to target the problem at hand and give your child the tools to communicate and understand language clearly.

Sensory Integration

Sensory integration involves the input and organization of our five senses, as well as movement, balance, and coordination. Sometimes, though, senses aren't interpreted properly, which can manifest in behavioral problems, coordination issues, poor self-concept, and delays in academic progress. Our therapists will work with your child to diagnose the specific problem and create a child-directed therapy plan that, through play and exploration, helps your child learn to interact and process senses more effectively.

Additional Therapies

To provide the best treatment available, we also are pleased to offer several listening therapy programs that improve listening skills, creativity, communication, and social participation. Learn more about our additional therapies.